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Application of low to medium viscous 2-component products with fixed ratio

The DAT050 is a simple and economically viable 2-component installation for the processing of low to medium viscous products.
This installation is designed for basic applications where there is no need for flexibility in the product ratio. The ratio is fixed as the pumps are not seperately controlled.
The machine is equipped with a touch screen for easy operation, control and adjustment.


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Application of low to medium viscous 2-component products

The DAT100 installation is suited for the dosing, mixing and application of low to medium viscous products such as epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, etc. The software is adjusted to process products consisting of 2 to 6 components.
The installation can be used for manual or automatic applications and has different options, which are chosen depending on the product.
A special version of the DAT100 was designed for potting applications. This installation is equipped with table and footpedal, in this way it is easy to fill the often small electical components in a neat and accurate way.
More information on the DAT100 can be found in the technical pdf-folder below.


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Application of pasty or high viscous 2-component products

The DAT200 installation is suited for the dosing, extrusion and spraying at low pressure of high viscous or very thixotropic products.
The possibilities are the same as for the DAT100 installation, the only difference between the two installations is the product supply. Here, the necessary pressure to feed the different components into the pumps is delivered via ram units. Both 20 L and 200 L pails can be processed.
For more technical information, check the pdf-folder.


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Automated application of pasty 1-component products

The DAT 300 is designed to dose and apply low to high viscous 1-component products and adhesives such as PUR’s, hybrids, silicones, PVC. It is designed to dose small shots very accurately, but can be used for continuous extrusion as well.
This installation can be cold or heated and is often used in combination with a robot or XYZ-table.
As a lot of productions start with small volumes (prototypes), it is possible to start with product supply out of cartridges. Once the volumes are big enough, the product can be supplied out of pails.


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Application of high viscous 1C product + accelerator

This installation is suited to dose and apply a high viscous 1-component product together with an accelerator (max 1.3%). This accelerator is added to increase the curing speed of the additive in such a way that the bonded product can be processed further after a few seconds. The accelerator can be added on certain points or during the whole extrusion.
The dosing of the small quantity of accelerator is very precise thanks to our own developed dosing system. Depending on the ratio, the accelerator can be fed out of cartridges, pouches or pails.


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Manual or automated application of 1-component low/hot melt glues

To be able to deliver our clients all possible solutions, the DBM range was developed to process the regular hotmelts and innovative reactive (low)hotmelts.
The bulkmelters are equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic elevator, heated following plate, gear pump, heated hose and heated gun. The installation will always be adjusted to the clients needs.
Depending on the clients process, the gun can be mounted on a robot, above a roll, etc.


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Application of 1 or 2-component products with abrasive fillers

This DEM05X range is rather a concept than an installation. It contains 1 or 2 servomotors, controlling the dosing of a product which contains fillers too big (for instance 3M glass bubbles) or too abrasive to process with a gear pump. Both 1-component and 2-component products can be processed with this kind of machines. For the 2-component a complete range of ratio’s can be covered, going from 1:1 to 200:1, with different viscosities.
Every installation is completely adapted to the product that needs dosing.
This kind of system can be used for both manual and automated applications.


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Automated application of 1-component glue in car window holders

The DHA100 is developped specifically to apply a high viscous 1-component glue into holders. Holders are plastic parts which are fixed to the bottom of the electric side car windows. They connect the window with the small motor causing the windows to move up and down.
This installation, equipped with a simple dosing system, ensures the application of a repetitive shot quantity, avoiding extra cleaning steps to remove excessive glue. The holders can be placed directly onto the window after glue application.

Extrusion unit

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Application of a pasty 1-component product

Simple pneumatic system to apply a high viscous product fed out of 20 l pails or 200 l drums. Consisting of a double pneumatic elevator, a double working piston/shovel pump and a follower plate with double sealing. Depending on the application and required precision, components can be added such as an accumulator, product pressure regulator, …

Heated cartridge gun

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heated cartridge gun

Heated cartridge gun

This gun has been developed for the daily users of standard aluminum cartridges. When the consumption of adhesive is not big enough to change to 20 L pails, this gun is the perfect intermediate solution.
The operator does not have to put that much manual power anymore to push out the adhesive, as the gun is pneumatically driven and equipped with an ergonomic handle. Furthermore, thanks to the increased pressure ratio, the gun can be used for high viscous fluids as well.
As the temperature gun can be regulated from 20°C to 90°C, the gun can be used for both cold and heated applications.