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paint manual

Airless spray installations

The DAL35-70 and DAL50-210 with pressure ratio 35/1, respectively 50/1 and volume/cycle 70 ml, respectively 210 ml are developed as standard airless installations to be able to cover a wide range of our clients applications. These installations can be used to spray higher flows of paints, varnishes and other low viscous fluids.
An installation consists of a pump, filter, high pressure hose and spray gun. The pumps are full inox and can be mounted on a carriage, to the wall or on fixed tripod.
Other pumps are available on demand. For more details, contact our sales team.


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Airspray installations

The DAS range holds different kinds of installations to apply paints, adhesives and other low viscous fluids by means of air atomization. Starting from guns with top or bottom cups, to a manual system consisting of a membrane pump or pressure vessel and spray gun to a full automated spraying process.
Tell us what you need, we will look for the best solution.
Contact our sales team for more information.


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Coating of plastic bottles with an anti-friction coating

The spraycoater (DSC100) has been developed to cope with the sticking and scuffing problem of PET bottles. An anti-static coating is sprayed onto the PET bottles to avoid having problems in the filling and packaging lines and get rid of the scratches on the outer surface off the bottles. More technical details can be found in below pdf-folder.

other coating

Systems for all kinds of coatings

It is not possible to give a general description here, as every application is too specific. However, different examples of what we have done before can be seen below. If you have questions about your application, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

automatic paint

Systems for automatic paint application

Thinking of automating your painting process? Then do not hesistate to contact us, we can design an automated process to apply your solvent or water based paint.