About us

Company roots

Our company Delta Application Technics as it is today, has been founded in 1988 by Jacques Coppens. The company then had the name Corex. Thanks to Jacques' years of experience in developing machines to apply fluids, the business soon grew into a preferred partner for many companies in for instance the automotive industry.

How did Corex differentiate itself from others? Customisation! Every machine was developed in very close collaboration with the client to obtain the best solution.

In 2009 Corex joins forces with Delta Engineering. The goal: the ability to provide a better service, follow-up and continuity for the client. The production of the machines and service are in the hands of Delta Engineering, allowing Jacques to focus on the development of new solutions using the latest technologies.

Nowadays, Jacques is supported by a young team, experience and ethusiasm are combined to be able to find the best solution for our clients process. DAT counts large multinational groups, as well as smaller independently owned companies among its customers.


It is our mission to develop the necessary solutions to enable our customers to differentiate themselves from others. Our customers process, raw materials and labor are our KPI’s when designing new machines and solutions.


How do we realize our installations? Through cooperating closely with you, our customer: your critical feedback allows us to adjust and improve our products. The crucial factor for our success: the people in our enterprise and their creative potentials. Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in designing high-quality, cost-effective solutions, manufacturing, installation and after sales support. Through our culture, drive and expertise of each individual employee, we are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of our customers around the world.