SS Pressure vessels

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stainless steel pressure vessels for fluids

SS Pressure vessels

The stainless steel pressure vessels are storage tanks for your fluid components such as low viscous adhesives, oils, etc.

they are made of AISI304 or 316 and are conform the guidelines of the European Pressure equipment 97/23/EC.

They come in different sizes according to you capacity need for production with diameters of 140 mm to 400 mm. The standard pressure vessels are; 4L, 12L, 20L, 45L, 60L. Aside these there are always options for your specific needs.
A lot of options are available, depending on your production process and characteristics of the product. Examples of the options are: level detection without contact with the product, mixer or recirculation to keep parts in suspension, vacuum, automatic refilling of the product, heating, etc.
ATEX options are also available.

The pressure vessels make sure that the product is safely stored for production.


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