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DMC202 - dosing machine

Application of low to medium viscous 2-component products

We engineered the DMC202 system for the dosing, mixing and application of low to medium viscous 2-component fluids, such as epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, etc.
The entire machine is controlled via a control unit with PLC and touchscreen, provided with our modular Siemens software. With this software, the machine can control products up to 5 components for metering.

The DMC202 is a modular system, which can be adjusted according to your needs, product & application! Many layouts are possible, both for manual and automatic applications.

We designed a special version of the DMC202 dosing machine for potting applications. This installation is equipped with a table and foot pedal, so it is easy to accurately & repeatedly fill the often small electrical components.

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  • You ensure your customers get high quality products because of a very precise dosing.
  • You get products with a homogeneous finishing.
  • You win operating time thanks to the easy control.
  • Your operators gain time and self-support thanks to the easy adjustment with the touchscreen.
  • You reduce the time and cost of downtime thanks to the easy maintenance of the installation.
  • You avoid the risk of chemical incompatibility by using stainless steel pressure vessels.



  • Dosing of silicone for the production of silicone skin patches.
  • Dosing of a polyurethane into open moulds for door cornices.
  • Application of a polyurethane to attach a membrane onto a plastic frame for water filters.
  • Potting of electrical components for a higher resistance against environmental conditions.
  • Potting of paint brushes.
  • Low pressure injection of silicones into moulds.


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